Fantomas 2.8: global .NET Core cli tool!

Hi all,

A quick update regarding the new release of the Fantomas project.

There is a new and shiny global .NET Core cli tool.


dotnet tool install -g fantomas-tool

The fantomas executable will be added to your path.

Another new feature is the —preserveEOL option.
This will respect additional newlines after formatting.

You can check the release notes for all changes in the 2.8 version.

Last but not least there is a rumor that the project might move to the fsprojects organization. This could lead to more people being involved in the project.

Many thanks for everyone that was involved in this release.


le mec nojaf

UPDATE: Fantomas did indeed move to fsprojects.

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Florian Verdonck
Florian Verdonck

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