About Nojaf

So what is Nojaf anyway?

Nojaf currently is two things:

Florian Verdonck

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Hey there, a bit about me: I'm an eccentric developer with ambitions and a progressive mindset. I'm into functional programming and have a strong affinity for the web. I have a background in dotnet and I'm passionate about software tooling.

Freelancer you say?

That is right! These days I sail under my own banner as an independent professional software consultant.
I'm most interested in the open-source space, where I truly believe I can make a difference for you and your enterprise.

Open-source endeavours

Over the years, I've been involved in the F# community and I have contributed to numerous projects.
In 2018 I became the maintainer of the Fantomas project .
Fantomas really was my jumping point to getting involved in numerous projects.
That journey made me explore a lot of the F# tooling ecosystem:

If you like what I do, consider reaching out to see what I could do tailored to your needs.

Tales on blog.nojaf.com

As a software craftsman, I frequently come across new technologies and interesting things about code.
And every once in a while, I try to blog about my adventures.