Public Speaking

Straight from the heart

Over the years, I've had the opportunity to participate in various shapes of Public speaking.
From webinars to online and physical conferences, I've seen a fair share and wish to keep track of these wonderful occasions.
Each and every one of them has been about a topic that is dear to me. My goal is to inspire, educate and help projects grow by doing these things.
And the best is yet to come!

Formatting F# code, There and Back Again

December 2021 at NDC Oslo (Norway)

In recent years code formatters have done wonders in many languages. They can help a language by making it easier for newcomers on the "how should it look like". And overall, they can avoid pointless arguments in teams. In a perfect world, a formatter is available with the first release of the language. For F# this wasn't the case. In recent years the Fantomas project is rising to empty that void. And given the state of the language and ecosystem, it can be a tough climb.

Fantomas V: The One that Will Format the F# Compiler

October 2021 at F# eXchange (Online)

Showcasing the grand plan for the next major version of Fantomas.

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Formatting F# source code

August 2020 at .NET Summit (Online)

Formatting F# source code

June 2020 at fsharpConf (Online)

This video cannot be embedded but you can watch it on YouTube.

Formatting F# Code

May 2020 at JetBrains .NET Days (Online)

If you format F# code in Rider, a tool called Fantomas will be called to process this. Fantomas is open source and I am one of the maintainers of this project. In this session I explained how Fantomas's high-level works, how I got involved in this project, and how it is wired into the FSharp support for Rider.


Est. 2020

I also have a YouTube channel where I post some more niche technical content.

A Journey into the Compiler and Tooling

September 2019 at FableConf Antwerp (Belgium)

When I wanted to add the capability of compiling F# scripts to Fable, I had to explore the infrastructure of the compiler as well as its JS clients, like fable-loader and fable-splitter. In this talk we will do this journey together to understand how all the pieces fit together so, maybe in the future, you can contribute a new feature to the compiler too.

From F# to JavaScript with Fable

August 2019 @ Webinar for JetBrains (Online)

Fable is an F# to JavaScript compiler powered by Babel, designed to produce readable and standard code. It has an active community and can be used across the entire JavaScript spectrum

Introduction to Fable

2018 @ Techorama (Belgium) (Partner Stage)

My first taste of giving a talk at conference. In this short lighting talk I've talked about Fable, the F# to JavaScript compiler.